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"SERVING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD " is the motto of Kiwanis International - a global organization of volunteers, dedicated to changing the world, one child one community at a time.The name Kiwanis " Nunc Kee-wanis " means "we let ourselves be known" and is a direct translation from Otchipew, one of the native languages of North America.




An April 2013 message                A message to Kiwanians
to Kiwanians from First Lady            from President KIEF
KI Rosemary DeJulio                      Ernst von der Weppen



Postcards KEP

(Kiwanis Education Program for children)

I would like you to join in the following event. There are 4 types of postcards, each with a different Kiwnis poster. The posters were the winners in the competition organized for the 40thConvention which took place in Gdansk - Sopot in 2007.

The set contains 4 cards with envelopes, each with a different poster. Each set costs 10 €. Half of this sum goes back to KEP and half is for the club. I know that is seems expensive but if we expect to get money for our projects from KEP, wemust contribute to its funding.